Keypad Door Locks

If you'd rather have a code to get into your home. Something that if you gave to someone it can easily be changed for increased security. We install keypad locks.

High Security Door Locks

If you'd like better key control with a high security lock reducing the possibility of anyone being able to easily copy keys. We can help. We Install high security door locks

Key Copy

We provide duplicate key copies for your home. We provide an extra set of keys for your house locks.

Gate Lock Install

Whether is a small lock for your gate to a digital keypad, we got you covered. We retrofit locks to gates at your home.

Patio Lock Repair

We specialize in repairing patio locks. We can upgrade or retrofit a patio lock for more reliable security on your patio door.

Security Door Locks

We repair and replace those hard to find security door locks. When it's your security that is a question, we give you peace of mind knowing that your home is secure.


Have a home safe that needs repair or opened. We provide keys for, service, and open safes at your home.

Replace Locks

Need to upgrade your old locks? We provide the most popular hardware that replaces your existing locks. We install or replace your existing door lock hardware.