Our Services

Automotive Locksmith Services

Unlock Vehicle

Locked out? We can help. We come to you to unlock your vehicle and get you back on the road.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Locked out of your Business

We can get you back in to your business or office. We provide professional locksmith services to unlock your business in an emergency.

Rekey Storefront Business Locks

If you've recently had employee turnover or just needing control of who has and doesn't have access to your building for facility, we are here to help change your locks to a different key.

Store Front Lock Repair

We repair your locks when they stop working correctly. We specialize in repairing your store front locks.

Duplicate Keys

Adding staff or just needing extra keys for the crew? We provide onsite key duplication service.

Keypad Lock Installation

When it'll more cost effective to use a keypad lock than rekeying your locks every you need your lock changed. We install keypad locks at your facility.

Drill Prep Install Deadbolt

If you'd like us to add a deadbolt to you place of business to add more security, we can help.

Exit Device Repair and Install

We fix and install push bars on businesses. Onsite Panic bar repair and replacement emergency or by appointment.

Filing Cabinet Desk Locks and Keys

We specialize in providing keys for your office filing cabinets, desks, and other office furniture.

High Security Lock & Key Installation

We repair and replace high security keys and locks. For added key control, customers choose a restricted keyway making it much more difficult to duplicate.

IC Core Lock Replacement

When your keys stop working, ic core locks are work, or just need a quick rekey of your ic core locks, we replace your ic core locks and provide keys onsite.

IC Core Rekeying

We custom rekey your ic core to your existing master key system and matching control key / change key.

Master key systems

We provide a multi-level master key system with keys. When you need better control of who has access to what offices in your facility we can help.

Mortise Lock Repair and Replacement

If you need a company that specializes in repairing mortise locks and replacing them when necessary,, we can help. We specialize in mortise locks.

Garage Door Locks

Power outage or just need a key for your garage door lock, we can help. We specialize in unlocking and providing keys for garage doors.

Padlock Removal

We unlock padlocks and remove them from gates, storages, and hasps. If needing a new padlock is what you're looking for ask us about that service.

Lock Replacement

Needing a lock replaced. We provide the replacement hardware that fits your function and application.


We specialize in safe opening, combo changing, and repair. Ask if we provide safe moving services if you need that type of service.

Residential Locksmith Services

House Lock Rekeying

Need your locks changed to a different key? We re-combinate your locks to match a new key when you need control over your who has keys to your house.

Replace Locks

Need to upgrade your old locks? We provide the most popular hardware that replaces your existing locks. We install or replace your existing door lock hardware.


Have a home safe that needs repair or opened. We provide keys for, service, and open safes at your home.

Security Door Locks

We repair and replace those hard to find security door locks. When it's your security that is a question, we give you peace of mind knowing that your home is secure.

Broken Key Extraction

Need your key extracted from your house lock? We remove broken keys from your lock.

Patio Lock Repair or Replace

We specialize in repairing patio locks. We can upgrade or retrofit a patio lock for more reliable security on your patio door.

Gate Lock Install

Whether is a small lock for your gate to a digital keypad, we got you covered. We retrofit locks to gates at your home.

Key Copy

We provide duplicate key copies for your home. We provide an extra set of keys for your house locks.

High Security Door Locks

If you'd like better key control with a high security lock reducing the possibility of anyone being able to easily copy keys. We can help. We Install high security door locks

Keypad Door Locks

If you'd rather have a code to get into your home. Something that if you gave to someone it can easily be changed for increased security. We install keypad locks.

House Unlock Lockout Service

Locked out of your Home? We help get you back in to your house. We come to you to unlock your home.

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